October Tips: Trick or Treat – This Month’s Newsletter is Short & Sweet

Oct 13, 2022

Dear Together Friends, Fans, and Family,

Maia gets Married in a Mask and Galoshes

In my twelve years of writing a monthly newsletter to you, dear and loyal readers, I have not yet missed one. Through hurricanes and other weather events, loads of work travel, deaths of family members, beach vacations, and divorce, I was getting that newsletter in your hands! (Seriously, does anyone read it?! I wonder!?)

However, as one who often conducts Togetherness experiments on herself, I’m in the midst of some SERIOUS prioritization this month because things are pretty life-y at the moment:

  • I got married – again. Someday I’ll feature Dr. Together on the blog.
  • I hosted a backyard wedding reception for 100 people in torrential rain. (see photo)
  • I got COVID—again. (24 hours before said wedding).
  • I have a manuscript due—again.
  • I had an unexpected family situation that required all hands on deck.
  • Our dishwasher died and washing dishes by hand when SEVEN people and FOUR cats live in your home is. . . the worst.
  • Just one sign of how un-Together I am right now (or perhaps just brutally focused)…I managed to Home-Alone myself to the wrong city this month! Southwest, how did you let this happen??

And while my kids are baffled that we have not yet gotten Halloween decorations up this year (they are like, Mom, who ARE you?!), I’m modeling to them as well. I cannot and will not do it all. So, this month, we won’t have links or blogs or other fun things, but I did want to remind you that:



PS In the Together (Kitchen) Tricks category, this tiny tool has changed my life. Finally a way to dry reusable lunch bags and water bottles!

PPS I’m not on TicTok and truthfully don’t even know how to spell it properly (clearly!), but these found their way to my inbox. As an avid fall baker, I’m all in on these this weekend.