October Together Tips: Flipping Seats, Flamingos & Fur-kenstocks

Oct 2, 2020

Dear Together Friends, Fans, and Family,

I honestly keep thinking I’ll start my monthly newsletter with a bit of good news, but after the Breonna Taylor decision, the presidential debate debacle, and RBG’s death, I continue to feel deeply disturbed. To cope, I’m channeling my inner lawyer and adjusting my definition of productivity—and adding some inspiration to my flamingo flock.  And dreaming up ways to continue to support educators during this supremely challenging fall semester. Did you sign up for our Together Teacher Evening Edition yet? We have some more space – and don’t forget about the ever-informal Mocktails with Maia to follow!

On the home front, I’m channeling some energy into Together Troop Leader action with my girls, and some really interesting Together Student experiments. If you want to be REALLY inspired, check out these Together Kids in Tennessee! I’m looking for more students to interview, so if you know any kiddos in grades 3 – 12 who can articulate their executive functioning skills, send ‘em my way.

The leaves are still (mostly) green in the DC burbs, and I vacillate between curling up in my beloved New Fur-kenstocks and still riding the summer waves.  New home activities include Friday night Chick-Fil-A in my carport, some household environmental efforts, and supporting Senate seat flips in my home state of Maine. Hope you are hanging in there, too, and doing what you can to take action and take rest.



Together Treasure Box (From the Blog!)

  • Supporting a Together Student?  See how Chrystie built student Trapper Keepers here! Bonus points for cute kid videos!
  • Want a Student Weekly Worksheet?  Take a look at these examples from Gem Innovation Prep!
  • Don’t forget self-care while creating a new-school-year-routine!  This guest post will help you make a plan!

Top Together Tributes

  • Top Radio Show: Saturday School hosted by Louisiana colleagues Kira and Avione on Saturdays at 10 AM. Worth a listen!
  • Top Parent-in-a-Pandemic Guide: Survive parenting during a pandemic with The Kinda Guide.
  • Top Pandemic Parody: Frog and Toad’s take on Covid Times  = a very good laugh!
  • Top Pedagogy Post: Master your pedagogy while teaching online using key points found here!
  • Top Student Connection Kernel: Read here about why kids need to connect with their peers during distance learning just as much as they do with you!

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