Post-Performance Self-Care

Oct 16, 2017

If you’re reading this blog post, it’s likely you have a job that requires some level of performance, whether it be leading kids (teachers), facilitating big meetings (district peeps), or making it happen in high-stakes situations (you nonprofit folks).

I know I spend an extraordinary amount of time preparing for such things. I have packing checklistsparty plans, and more. But what about life AFTER the show?

For me, it’s the post-workshop period of time that’s always tricky. I’ve written about how I unwind, but what about how I put myself back Together again? THIS IS THE MISSING LINK!

I was thinking about this in Philly last month when a friend gave me a lift to the train. Before we left, I told her, “Hold on, let me carefully pack myself up so that I can be ready to do this again tomorrow morning.” And then I carefully packed up all of my tech. Or at least I tried.

But truthfully, the end of a 9-hour teaching-adults day leaves me dehydrated, excited, tired, exhilarated, and hungry. More often than not, I get everything contained as fast as I can and think, “I’ll organize it later.” But don’t.

So imagine my excitement when our longtime reader Julie Ann (once featured here on the blog!) shared news of a Together ACTRESS. Oh, yes, you heard me! And this Together Actress’s post-performance self-care is on point!

There are a few reasons I love this:

  • It’s a checklist. Clearly.
  • It reminds me of things I KNOW I need to do but often forget, like water!
  • It gives me a plan to prepare carefully for the next “performance” so I don’t scramble for a missing clicker or flash drive.

I am making one of these immediately. Stay tuned.

Do you need a self-care checklist for after school? Staff meetings? Other big gigs?