Resource Workshop and Contest [Enter by 5/10]: Help Us Build A Get-Ready-for-Next-Year Checklist!

Apr 24, 2013

checklistI’ve been thinking a lot lately about checklists. . . checklists of groceries to order, checklists of morning routines for my toddler, checklists of stuff to pack for vacation…So many checklists that I need a checklist for my checklists!

Kidding aside, checklists make work and life feel a lot easier. With a checklist in hand, even the most monstrous tasks can be conquered one satisfying check at a time. My most recent inspiration: this categorized and highly detailed checklist for creating a Lifefolio.

Given the enormous task of continuing to teach well in the spring while getting our wheels turning for the fall, a strong checklist seems in order! And, we can make it together to help manage our workloads.

Let’s try these categories:

  • Classroom Clean Up, (for tasks like cleaning out cabinets)
  • Electronic File Clear Out, (here we can delete, organize, and re-name documents)
  • Classroom Systems and Culture, (create and revise behavior management plans, make homework charts)
  • Instructional Planning, (for revising unit plans and creating lesson supplements)
  • Family Communications, (for example, draft welcome letter to families)

Then we can sort it in two different ways:

1) By Category, as above. Project Plan style.

2) By Type of Work, like “Purchase,” “Write,” “Laminate/Posterize,” etc.

Having two sorting options will allow us to filter and sort first by Category (which is often how our brains initially think) and then by Type of Work (made popular by David Allen of GTD fame), which may be informed by our mood or location.

For example, we might think, “Hmmm…I feel like buying stuff! Let me check my Purchase To-Do’s!” Or, “I have a good chunk of thinking time, and I’m by myself in my classroom. What document can I get written before my 4:30 meeting?”

I think this list could help manage the pressure of getting everything done for this year, while also getting a strong start for next year! It would feel great to clean out my cabinets—and at the same time, update my family communications plan. Let’s make it happen, Together Teachers!

Together Teacher CONTEST [enter by May 10]: What do you know you need to do to prepare for next year? Lay it all out here, then I’ll sum up and publish a Get-Ready-For-Next-Year Checklist here on the blog for us all to use!

Three lucky winners (US Only) will win a copy of The Together Teacher. Please limit your response to 300 or fewer words, and include your first name and last initial. Winners will be randomly chosen.

PS Google Analytics spookily tells me that people besides my mom read this blog and visit this website. Lots of people. From other countries even. But we don’t get a lot of comments. So, don’t be shy. Help each other out. Comment below. I’ll even write back.