Routines, Routines, Routines! – and a fun printable!

Feb 7, 2018

Sometimes people ask what makes me different from anyone else out there who writes about time management. My answer: I’m all about creating routines and building habits.

One of the most popular parts of my first book is a section called Opening and Closing Routines: when I share samples of how folks set up and take down their days. In my travels, I’ve stumbled across so many more routines I love. And readers really dug an old post on Diana’s Meeting with Myself Checklist.

So, check out this latest one. . . A routines checklist for cleaning your home! Coming from one of my favorite websites, DesignSponge, this pretty checklist could almost (hahahaha) inspire me to keep my house neat and tidy. And then there was this one I also loved (and am doing exactly zero of, if I’m honest!)

I could totally see hanging this in a closet somewhere. I particularly like the “Once a Season” reminders!

So, we quickly got cooking on a similar list of teacher routines! Thanks to Claire B., Ashley M., Cloi C., Julie –Ann, Meghan R., and Emily B. for the extra enhancements!

Want to hang one in your classroom? What would you add to each category? We’ve got a beautiful printable you can download right here! Once you click the link, be sure to right-click on the document and select “Download.”

PS. If you are into this printable-type-of-thing, tell me, and we’ll do more of them!