See You in 2015!

Dec 19, 2014

Friends, we are taking a two-week hiatus between now and January 5th to drink hot chocolate, go ice skating, see family, eat bagels and have four different holiday celebrations across three geographies.

But if you miss me, you can always get your fix by:

1. Watching the completely free and totally fun Together Teacher MOOC (50,000 registered globally so far!).

2. Re-reading your dog-eared copy of The Together Teacher.

3. Following our FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest activity. Here’s a starter preview of what I’ll be showing off . . .

My super awesome Molasses Krinkle Cookies! Next up: My One-Bowl Brownies. Not to be missed!

4. Perusing the blog for tools, habits, or technology to integrate in 2015.

5. Booking your next workshop for spring, summer or fall of 2015.

See you next year!

Maia & Team