See you in 2016!

Dec 22, 2015

Happy Holidays, Dearest Readers!

We are preppin’ for some holiday shutdown over here on the blog. While I wish I could completely disconnect, I’ve got this little looming thing called a copyedit deadline for this puppy.

But once that baby gets done, here’s what’s on my list for the next week:

  • Make a third batch of these. Literally our family’s favorite cookie and already gifted to every one of my kid’s teachers and all neighbors! Time to get another batch ready for the annual Christmas Eve Bagel Fest.
  • Finish this book. It is wildly compelling. My favorite idea so far is the checklist to unstick yourself. And then I’m reading this.
  • Figure out how to save kid artwork and schoolwork. My current “system” is a huge box and haphazard use of this app. But the work is getting really interesting, and I do want to save it somehow. Any ideas?
  • Catch up on the Star Wars situation. I never saw the originals. Yup, it’s true. But my husband and I caught the new one last weekend and I was WAY into it.

If you need a last minute gift, don’t forget our Gift Guide. Back to the copyedits for me!

See you in 2016!

Much love,