Shameless Plea: Vote for Me!

May 19, 2015

Friends, I know you are out there.

I’ve never really entered a contest before (minus the National Meet Your Penpal Contest I won in middle school, but that is another story), and I’ve never really asked for your help.

For years now, educators far and wide have been asking me to create tools, make them look pretty and package them up. But since I’m just a lady with two cats, two kids, and a teacher-husband who runs this whole shebang from the basement of my house, I’ve never had the time, space or resources to make it happen. And you have probably noticed that I keep an entirely non-monetized website (no sponsors, no ads, no affiliate links) with many free resources for teachers and leaders.

So. . . .  I’ve applied for a small business grant via a contest from Chase Bank. The goal is to design and manufacture the PERFECT teacher and (perhaps student!) planner, along with accompanying apps.

I need 250 votes to be considered for the next round. Vote here! And thank you!