Short and Sweet Meeting with Myself

May 3, 2017

I’m always on the prowl for unique ways that Together Leaders prepare for the week ahead, and I loved this short and sweet version from Allison C., a leader in NYC’s Success Academies home office. Allison is already a dedicated Trello user, so she simply built her agenda within her already existing platform.

Let’s get a closer look.

We’ve seen different versions of Meetings with Myself herehere, and here. Allison’s has a few special features that are also worthy of our consideration:

  • Allison’s schedule changes frequently, so Monday and Tuesday are the only Outlook calendar days she prints ahead of time.
  • Allison reviews The Bulletin (her org’s written email memo) for action items for her team.
  • Allison blocks prep and follow-up time for all 1:1 meetings.


This short and sweet method, using an already well-loved tool, promises to ensure that Allison’s Meeting with Myself happens – which is what matters most of all!