Spotted: Middle School Classroom Organization

Feb 20, 2015

We are mostly geared toward TIME management for teachers, leaders, and other education professionals, but occasionally we veer into the world of STUFF!

Most books on classroom, aka STUFF, organization seem to be geared toward cutesy elementary teacher organization (no offense to anyone at all: I just know this turns off secondary teachers!), so it is fun to stumble onto middle-school big kid ways to keep the classroom functioning and looking nice at the same time!

Hollis H., a DC-based middle school ELA teacher, was generous to let me snap some photos in her Together Classroom.

1. Missing Paper Self-Service Station. Hollis set up daily folders (M – F) and then subject specific folders (ELA and Social Studies). She keeps the daily class work stocked in these folders, and if students are missing something, they can simply help themselves—rather than pelting her with requests for work.

2. A Great Classroom Library. Hollis is lucky enough to have an incredible reading selection in her classroom. Books are clearly labeled in tubs with sections for things like “Biography: Memoir” or “Informational Nonfiction: Science.” But wait?! Have struggling readers? Note how Hollis also posts the reading levels in yellow on some book boxes. Again, another self-service way to help students function independently in the classroom.

3. Organized Supply Bins. Yup, big kids need supplies too. Whether Index Cards, Crayons, Post-Its, or even Band-Aids, Hollis’ classroom has everything her students may need clearly labeled in bins in the back of the room. Extra bonus for the pictorial representation, but you don’t even have to go that far.