System Tour: Sage’s Clipboard Contraption

Oct 8, 2014

You guys all know how much I like to talk about how to make your systems portable. Whether it’s a fancy LevengerArc from Staplesspiral notebookFlexy-Friendcommercial planner, iPhone in a fanny pack, or clipboard, if it works for you and is highly portable—great.

I spotted yet another cool option recently in New Orleans. Meet Sage, an interventionist, and her cool clipboard container thingee (yes, that’s a technical term!).

There are three reasons why I really like Sage’s clipboard contraption.

1. Clipboard on top. This is where Sage keeps her data for each small group she teaches on each day of each week. Stay tuned for a printable template!

2. Storage compartment. Open up the contraption and voila! Here, Sage stores her Flexy-Friend and nifty laminated reference documents like school schedules.


3. Pencil case. And what Together Teacher system would be complete without a place to stash all your pencils, pens and Sharpies?! Look at this cool little pencil case hooked into the bottom of the clipboard. Such a small but wonderful detail, especially for those of you in mobile teaching roles.

I did some searching and it looks like you can purchase something similar here and here! You’ll have nothing if not options! For those of you who are more paper-based and/or mobile, this seems like a good investment. Thanks, Sage!