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November 6, 2014

Meghan’s Portable File Box

Meet Meghan, another mobile educator! Meghan is an instructional coach at the early elementary level in Washington, DC. She teaches small groups, coaches teachers, and handles all kinds of other duties as needed.

One of the toughest transitions for any educator is going from being a full-time classroom instructor (with a room of one’s own) to working in an on-the-go support role (without a dedicated home base). Like Michelle, Rosie, and Julie Ann, Meghan has “gone mobile.” Seeing her in action, I was particularly intrigued by how she uses her file box, lesson plan binders, and thoughtfully arranged supplies to stay Together.

Meghan - EditedLet’s take a peek inside the “hardware” of Meghan’s systems.

1. The Portable File Box

File Box - Edited

Inside, Meghan carries:

  • Lesson plans by reading level
  • A word work wall
  • Ziploc bags of leveled books and supporting vocabulary cards
  • Whiteboards
  • Post-its and markers

Here are a few more pictures to inspire you!

File Box Folders - Edited

Leveled Book Bags - EditedYou can find a similar file box here. This seems like a good investment if you are a mobile teacher who doesn’t have a TON of materials to cart around.

2. The Reading Group Lesson Plan Binder

Binder Cover - Edited
Her binder cover page
Binder Sections - Edited
Sections by reading level
Binder Contents - Edited
Her frequently used visual anchors
Binder Lesson Plans - Edited
Her lesson plans
Binder Labels - Edited
Adhesive labels for keeping anecdotal records

Pro tip: Meghan has photocopied her lesson plans so they open on the left hand side. This enables her to have her lesson plans and anecdotal notes side-by-side. Genius!

3. The Container Clipboard

Just like Sage, Meghan also has her own materials right at her fingertips.

Container Clipboard - EditedMeghan, you have really inspired me – and lots of other mobile educators, I’m sure – to have a portable system that’s also well-organized! Awesome!

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