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December 4, 2012

Modify Your Mate

It was great fun to recently bump into Jocelyn G. in Boston. Jocelyn was one of our original Together Teacher workshop attendees some years ago, and she continues to be a thoughtful, dedicated, and Together teacher—now over a decade into her…

November 16, 2012

Meet Keith: The Rubberband Man!

While it may not feel like it sometimes, each of us only has two hands, an occasional pocket, and maybe a lanyard to hang on to our keys, our lesson plans, our writing implements, our plans for prep periods, our attendance sheets, our demerit…

August 8, 2012

Find your Mate: Selecting the Right Paper-Based Planner

As I give workshops around the country, many of my participants self-identify as “hybrid organizers;” they use an electronic or web-based system along with a paper-based system. But, some Together Teacher enthusiasts are exclusively paper-based…