Ten Years of Togetherness (including a giveaway [now closed])!

Jun 11, 2023

Believe it or not, this month is The Together Group’s official ten-year anniversary. While I started some Togetherness work back in 2006 (gulp), I side-hustled it – with the blessing of two very supportive employers – until making it official in 2013. The Together Team – past and present — gathered this month for some reminiscing, some celebrating and some recognition of our impact.

As I reflect upon this accidental journey I find myself on, it is wild to look back through photos, spreadsheets, texts, and artifacts and remind myself:

  • The company’s name was originally Brass Tacks, and our logo was purple and designed by my best friend Anne Lac. Our current logo was designed by a random freelancer in Brooklyn, who has since become super famous! Thanks, Oliver! I remember when you came to my apartment to pick up a check!
  • At first, I didn’t know how Adobe worked, and I used to cut up and Scotch-tape page numbers onto the workbooks before sending them to the printer. This usually happened at 4 AM.
  • Employee #1 was a wonderful human named Evan, who I found through Task Rabbit in NYC. Evan’s claim to fame was when he rescued a shipment of materials that was trapped at UPS in Hurricane Sandy, and brought them to me so I could then fly them to Boston while 7 months pregnant.
  • We have published FIVE books [as of August; don’t forget to preorder the latest here!], including the one I’m most proud of – The Together Work-From-Home-Teacher, written and taken to press in a rapid 6-week process. Let’s hope we never need that one again.
  • I once boarded an airplane to the wrong city, but I didn’t realize until I landed in. . . Orlando! I was supposed to in HOUSTON. It’s a long story, people.
  • Our newsletter has been published monthly for 13 years, and our mailing list is over 35,000 people! PS Thanks for reading.
  • Collectively, our team has sported fanny packs in over 25 locations, and one time shared a can of wine in the back seat of a taxi. #togethersecrets

So, in honor of ten years, we have just ONE of these super cool Together Traveler Yeti mugs to give one dear reader. Here’s how we will do this: Drop in the comment 1 – 3 sentences of how Togetherness has supported or helped you! On Monday, June 19, at 12 PM EST, we will draw one lucky winner (U.S. only) and ship you the one and only Together Traveler Yeti mug – limited edition and not available to the public! Bring on the celebrations!

Contest fine print:  If winner doesn’t respond within 48 hours, another winner will be selected.

NOTE: The winner has been selected! Thanks to everyone for your wonderful comments.