The 2013 Together Teacher Gift Guide

Dec 13, 2013

GiftSo, I’m a little late to this interWEB Gift Guide party (that’s a joke), but all my favorite blogs do it…And even though I’ll admit I think lists like this are a teeny tiny bit cheesy, what the heck? My home has been invaded by the Hanukkah-Squirrel-Santa-Reindeer-Industrial-Complex anyway. No choice at this point but to embrace it!

I surveyed some of my most favorite Together Teachers (thanks Marin, Kate, Pam and Shelby!), and we created a little nifty-gifty list for that special teacher in your life to support his or her success and sanity—because we care about both!  Or maybe this list can be helpful if you’re a principal focusing on Togetherness with your staff. Or if your parents are teachers. Or if your husband is a teacher… Hmmm… Do you think Jack would like some of these in his stocking?!

1. A truly leak-proof stay-hot coffee cup. Good for long commutes and carrying in hallways while on duty. I’ve been loving this one lately.

2. A desktop scanner. I know teachers can just often use a photocopier to scan, but this makes it oh-so-much-easier to go paperless. I’ve personally had this one for three years.

3. Some snazzy grading pens. Who doesn’t need some flair? With multiple colors and good points for writing, these pens are the perfect stocking stuffer.

4. A really good lunch box. I’ve loved this one for years. Shelby swears by this one.  Kate loves one that holds salads.

5. A high quality water bottle. You need one at home, one for your bag and one for school. These are super durable.

6. Expand your Evernote membership.  Yes, you can exist on the free version, but why would you if you can do so much more with Evernote Premium, like picture archiving all your lesson plans and professional development materials?

7. And our favorite humorous recommendation from Pam (who operates as a trainer and stylist around here!), this hilarious coffee mug.  “Keep Calm and Pretend it is on the Lesson Plan!”

Have fun stuffing stockings!