The 2015 Together Gift Guide!

Dec 3, 2015

Back by popular demand, we present the 2015 Together Gift Guide – and check it out on Pinterest too!

Whether you are gifting your own kids’ teachers (must get on this!), an educator in your family (got one of those too!), a leader in your life, or looking for your own Togetherness tools, here are this year’s favorite picks selected by my trusted Together circle.

Keeping Health and Wellness at the Forefront?

Want to Get Cozy and Comfortable?

  • I know lots of teachers use this tea kettle to make nice warm drinks without using their breaks to wait in line! Give it with tea or Starbucks Via packets.
  • Same idea but with a baby Keurig!
  • Or really get your caffeine on with this

Need to Upgrade Your School Supplies?

Time for Some Space Solutions?

  • Social Print Studios develops high quality prints of Instagram photos, plus they have really cool displays for the photos on your desk
  • Society 6 Clocks: Well-priced and cute. Filter by color to find one that matches your friend’s current color scheme!
  • These laptop skins are great for protecting laptops


Interested in Some Tech Tricks?

  • Headphones: Pick a fun color that matches your friend’s personality – perfect for going into Beast Mode.
  • A subscription to Asana for grade level chairs or school leaders to help assign tasks and keep track of the ones that remain unfinished
  • A subscription to for scheduling meetings for busy leaders
  • An extra battery pack for when you need to get charged up on the fly (I use mine ALL the time when traveling!)
  • Bobine Dock or Gorillapod to make classroom filming easier and untether you from the camera

Want a Homemade Touch?

  • Pre-packed lunches for the week always go over well
  • For those parents who never get to sleep in, an early morning offer to babysit on the weekends
  • A snack pack to keep in someone’s desk, full of Larabars (if nuts are okay!) and other re-charging snack foods

Special thanks to Shelby, Ron, Pam, Taylor, Maggie, Stephanie, Margaret, Meghan P., Meghan R., Claire, and Emily for helping me build this awesome list!