The 2017 Wind Down

Dec 22, 2017

Friends, it’s time for my annual holiday sign-off.

2017 has been QUITE. A. YEAR. I just took down my beloved Big Picture Calendar, and counted that the Together Team and I have delivered 75 Together Workshops this year, trained over 5000 teachers, leaders and support staff, and have been on countless planes and trains to come to YOU!

We hope the organization tips, tricks, and tools helped many teachers and leaders serve the greater good. Thank you for your awesome and ongoing support and feedback. We get better and stronger each year with your input, questions, and real-life tool-in-use examples!

Here’s what’s on my Weekly Worksheet for the next 1.5 weeks:

  • Pack, prepare and enjoy our family travel here.
  • Finish this book. Possibly start this one.
  • Cook this yummy for our belated Hanukkah celebration.
  • Bring this healthy treat to our German Christmas celebration.
  • Finalize next steps from the Family Calendar Summit and get camp and summer plans squared away!

See you in 2018!