The Panda Planner: From What-er to When-er!

Sep 19, 2017

During a summer training for Public Prep at the Riverside Church in Harlem, I finally spotted a Panda Planner. I’ve been meaning to write about these foreeevvvvvvver. Anoop, a middle school science teacher, was kind enough to open his pages and let us peer into his teaching and personal life!


Sidebar: I am also inherently VERY nosy about peoples’ paths into the classroom, and Anoop shared that he was a professional bboy (breakdancer), graffiti artist, and financial consultant — all before realizing his classroom calling!

But I digress. Let’s peek at that Panda Planner in more detail.

Section 1: The Comprehensive Calendar and Later List

Comprehensive Calendar and Later List!

On the monthly calendar pages, Anoop captures all of his high-level events and appointments, such as birthdays, holidays, and trips. He then smartly uses the little text box to the right of the calendar as his Later List to catch softer To-Do’s, like apartment hunting and sneaker selling.

Section 2: A Nice-Looking Weekly Worksheet Spread

Weekly Worksheet!

Just like the Best Self Journal, I love the Panda’s focus on goal-setting, planning, reflection, and gratitude. Anoop’s got everything from exercising with mom to being early and prepared each day at work! This reflection and planning could be done during your Meeting with Yourself each week!

Anoop COULD stop here, but then he’d be left full of whats with no whens. This is dangerous territory in a world of limited time. So. . .


Section 3: A Daily Worksheet Too!

And even a daily worksheet!

I love the Morning Review with “I’m Grateful For,” and “I’m Excited About.” I also like the progression of first setting Today’s Priorities and then laying out the Schedule to follow. Anoop included both actual appointments, like his 7:00 PM haircut, as well as time for commuting and working on his lesson plans!

Anoop, thank you for letting us into your world and sharing more about how you when-up your whats!

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PPS The case for remaining paper-based in a digital world.