The Together Traveler: My Summer 2015 Packing List

Jul 9, 2015

Friends, it’s travel time! Last summer I wrote about my travel dramamy packing listeating clean while on the road, and reality reentry. Just this past week, I’ve been to Colorado Springs, Camden, and NYC (this one was a fun detour with my college pals), so it’s high time to revisit my packing situation.

As I gear up for another 10 weeks of intense airport and plane-hopping to meet some of the best and hardest working teachers and leaders across the country, here are a few items I’ve added to my packing list to ensure I stay healthy, sane and fed.

*PS: As always, these are strictly my own opinions — no sponsorships, affiliate links or endorsements!

  1. Collapsible bowls. I travel with a LOT of my own food. I occasionally buy Take and Toss Tupperware, but I really do hate polluting the earth with unnecessary plastic. So this set of bowls has been really helpful. Travel with all three full of quinoa, kale, sweet potatoes, berries, and the like and then just wash and fold them back up for the return flight.
  2. A legitimate laundry bag that is a not a holey old plastic CVS bag. A visually spottable laundry bag makes it very easy to quarantine all dirty clothes. When I arrive home, this entire bag goes straight into the washing machine, dryer, and is then returned right to my suitcase!
  3. A separate pouch for non-double items. Mine is a little brighter and bigger, but you get the idea! While I own two of many, many things, there remain a few items of which I only have one. For example, my glasses, my Kindle, and my prescriptions! I do not like fumbling for these things in the middle of the night when I arrive somewhere or return home. My old friend Shelby bought me a beautiful bright green leather zipped pouch from Etsy, and I keep it in my backpack for easy transfer in and out.
  4. A Timbuktu backpack. I get it. Backpacks (nor fanny packs!) will never win me any fashion awards. However, I travel with two laptops, and often an iPad and Kindle as well. The beauty of this sucker is that it is reasonably compact. You do not even have to take out your laptop at security! You just fold down the flap. Trust me, I’m a bag shopper and this baby is on year three and going strong.
  5. A pre-trip countdown list. I don’t need a packing list anymore because I have standardized everything. But I still have things I need to do to prepare.

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What am I missing? What are your packing must-haves?