Thoughtful Teacher Appreciation Ideas

May 3, 2016

Though 2016’s Teacher Appreciation Week has been emblazoned on my calendar since, well, one year ago, it still crept up on me all too quickly amidst the book release and other things.

Fortunately, my kids and I got our acts together last Sunday and created these gift bags, stocked full of fancy organic chocolates and topped off with bubble-lettered signs painted in metallic watercolors. We also decorated them with stickers later on.

Martha who? Just kidding. Sort of.

Stuck in a pinch? Here are a few thoughtful ideas we’ve gathered:

  • A heartfelt letter from kids, parents, or administrators. I still have some of mine from my teaching days. A class could even band together to create something like this.
  • A thoughtful gift. A Together Teacher Facebooker wrote in, “One student gave me a copy of his favorite book, another gave me his favorite graphic novel.”
  • A yummy edible. “Homemade strawberry lemon marmalade from a certified master food preserver, along with locally farmed olive oil” was another Facebooker’s treat. Sign me up!
  • A visual memory. From Shelby: “One year I received a really nice framed picture of me teaching. That meant the world.”
  • A show of love. The room mother for my Kindergartener’s class is having all the kids wear their teacher’s favorite color on Wednesday.
  • An appreciation spread, like this one I saw at my son’s preschool. I had to hold back to not grab a handful of that chocolate toffee popcorn for myself!

Of course, gift certificates and other items are always appreciated. But if you want a touch of the personal, homemade, and heartfelt, there’s still time. Check out our Teacher Appreciation Pinterest Board for even more ideas!

PS – Our Together Gift Guide from the holidays has ideas that work year-round as well!