‘Tis the Season: Professional Development Kits

Jun 29, 2017

When I’m feeling particularly defeated by the state of my laundry situation, I turn here for inspiration. This blogger has built “kits” for just about everything–sewing, cleaning, bill paying and more! This is the perfect time of year for a traveling PD Kit. Many of us are roaming around to trainings, conferences and orientations, and we need materials at the ready!

So, I recently stumbled into this professional development kit at a training for The Inner-City Partnership for Education in the Bronx.

This is one sturdy PD toolkit!

The label clearly states PD supplies inside



My favorite thing here is the contents label affixed front and center on top of the clear box. And it was just the right size to carry and easily sort through. When we needed scissors at the last minute, well, the kit delivered.



Your kit does not have to be fancy. Rachel K., over at Achievement First, sent me a few pictures of their summer training Ziplocs. I love the phone number that’s included in huge, bold font.

Toolkit grab bag!

Communication instructions are a great addition to your PD toolkit!











Rachel reports,

“We put these together so our facilitators would always have anything they might need for PD. It’s so much easier to provide a standard set of materials than to handle a million one-off requests! We check them after each event and note what needs to be restocked before the next one.”

Interested in creating your own PD kit? There’s a Pinterest board for that!

And here’s a handy-dandy free printable toolkit content list!

PS – Storing cords and Together Traveler!