Together Hallways, Cafeterias and Classrooms

Feb 13, 2018

While we focus mostly on the business of TIME over here at the Together Group HQ, we also believe in the importance of Together physical spaces. At a recent workshop, I peered over Kelly W’s (leader at Rocky Mountain Prep!) shoulder and spotted this teacher training on environment expectations.

The deck started with this:

Great hook! It’s completely the same reason I’m very particular about the set up of my workshops.

I also love this quick “Who To Go To For What” reference —and the focus on a community mindset in caring for shared spaces.

And of course I love the communication with the Operations and IT groups, too!

Why did Kelly’s team take valuable PD time to share these expectations? As she put it, “I needed to communicate quite a few operational logistics to teachers and wanted to reset our staff culture before school started. My big goals were to re-norm how we treat our building and to communicate how important it is to stay organized. We have rotating cleaning teams to help make sure this happens. I also encourage teachers to utilize their fellows (like teaching assistants).”

What expectations does your school have for physical space? And teachers, how do you make time for this important upkeep and modeling?

PS More physical space ideas abound: supply stationscubbies and mailboxessupply bins, and teacher workspaces!