Together Space!

Sep 20, 2013

Ahhhhh, September. We greet you with fresh desks, organized bookshelves, and systems a plenty.

This time last year, we posted a checklist of ideas for a Together Teacher Desk.  In 2013, we’re taking the “pictures are worth 1,000 words” approach…please enjoy! And get inspired to get Together!

Here are a few photos of Together ENOUGH spaces from Jocelyn in Boston (a literacy coach in an elementary school setting), Judi in Denver (a middle school English teacher), and The Prep Schools.

And PS, we always try to show FUNCTIONAL systems without overly focusing on beautification. If you want to go there, knock yourself out. We just care that systems work!

  • Help yourself focus on the most important stuff at your desk. A clean workspace full of inspiration and materials.

  • Help your students help themselves with a student supply station. You’ve seen photos of Tess’s supply station as well. You can read more about Judi’s teaching life (and get inspired by more great photos of her space) here.

  • Help yourself plan awesome lessons by getting your professional books all in one place! 

  • Help your students learn in a small group workspace 

  • Use a paper organizer to get those copies all Together for the week ahead 

Discussion Question: What’s your best space system? Share a picture with us here!