Together Travel & Tech Update

Jan 19, 2024

Once upon a time, about a million moons ago, I wrote about keeping my tech together during work travel. . . and after traveling to Newark with Chrystie in December, I knew I needed a full upgrade. I had kept everything in a pouch, and even used this semi-useless organizer, but things were getting toooooo Together Tangled and falling all over the place. #nottogether

Enter Chrystie’s Together Tech pouch. Let’s peek inside and see what she has.

USB C / B, Apple Watch chargers, Apple pencil, and clicker / pointers

Wait, there is more! Flip to the next section and we see…

Display connections and power blocks with multiple USB ports

Luckily, Chrystie shipped me my very own Together Tech pouch as a holiday gift, and now my mission is to make it look just like hers! I’m adding some AAA batteries for my clicker(s), trying to fit my computer power cord in there (not working!), and I must include a portable speaker.

Together Travel, here I come! How about you? How do you keep your technology together when you travel?

PS If you’re interested in my travel food situation (a skill I have to say I’ve mastered after decades of practically living on the road), check out what I packed on a recent trip to NYC!