Tool Review #2: Another List-Making App—Kate’s View of Todoist

Jul 23, 2014

Awhile back we turned some of you on to the To-Do app Wunderlist via Kate S.’s testimonial. Kate recently let me know she’s shifted since then to a different app called Todoist. While I don’t promote promiscuous organizing, if you have strong habits in place (like Kate does) to record everything in one place, you have my permission to play the field a bit.

Without further ado, here is Todoist, as seen on Kate’s smart phone:

Kate groups her To-Do’s by project using categories like Summer, Personal, and Orientation. Clicking on a category’s title allows her to drill down into the specific To-Do’s in any of her projects.

See the yellow dot above for Orientation? It tells Kate that this particular task, to send a “Staff reminder email,” is related to her Orientation project.

While Kate is ultimately sorting by Project, she can also cut her list by day or week. A DOUBLE SORT! We love this option. Kate is essentially using Todoist to combine her Upcoming To-Do List with her Daily Worksheet.

I asked Kate what led to the system switch and she named these three great points about Todoist:

  • The user interface is easy and intuitive
  • The colors are beautiful
  • There is room for sub-tasks and priorities

Next steps: Kate has to reconcile her To-Do list against her busy school leader calendar to make sure she has time to actually complete her tasks, but she can do that each morning or even the night before. She’s even considering upgrading to the paid version so she can add attachments. Good stuff!

Anyone else out there tried Todoist?