Top Together Leader Takeaway Tip 1: Lists are Limitless, Calendars Force Constraints

May 6, 2016

Together Leaders, the time has come for me to share all I’ve learned while interviewing tons of folks for the new book. Thus, a new series of short posts on my Top Together Leader Takeaway Tips. Enjoy!

Almost all leaders lead a teeny-tiny bit more with their calendars than their To-Do lists. You can make lists until the cows come home, but calendars force you to lock things down. Whether you’re a “what” person or a “when” person, plotting items directly into your calendar imposes a dose of realism that lists do not. Using your calendar may help you realize that certain To-Dos require more mental focus or cognitive bandwidth, or need to be completed at a particular time or place. Here’s how Molly, a leader at an anti-poverty nonprofit, got very clear and specific with herself on an Amtrak ride!

Together Takeaway: Even if you’re not ready to make your calendar all To-Do-y, take a couple of large blocks of time and break them down by task.