Top Together Leader Takeaway Tip 5: Stop Before Spinning – And a Book Giveaway!

May 12, 2016

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Together Leaders are not magically free of emergencies. In fact, in just one day of interviews for the book, one of them faced a bomb threat for her entire school district, another had a serious plumbing emergency in her building, and yet another was dealing with a team member about to quit.

What Together Leaders do well is stop before spinning to deal with the crisis. In each case above, I observed them do the following:

  • Take control of the situation for a minute, but quickly get it into the hands of someone else to operate as your “quarterback” whenever possible.
  • Stop to let anyone impacted know what’s going on.
  • Re-situate. Seek to resume normal prioritized business as soon as possible.

Self-awareness is also key. When one leader stopped before spinning, she realized that part of her motivation for wanting to attend to the crisis was so she could avoid doing some tougher prioritized work. I don’t ask that you rid yourself of all emergencies, but rather that you take even five seconds to evaluate if what’s happening is truly an emergency and react accordingly!

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