Tracking my Time #3: Another Confession

Apr 23, 2014

SneakersLet’s talk about my relationship with exercise. I don’t have one. I tell myself this is because I don’t have time, but that’s not true. If the President of the United States can exercise on a daily basis, then I really have zero excuses. Knowing I would be tracking my time one week, I bravely packed sneakers into my suitcase—and gasp, workout clothes. But it still didn’t happen. Granted, it was FREEZING in New York City. But there was a gym in my hotel—and no little children hanging on my legs.

Confession #3: I feel like I don’t have time to exercise, but actually I do.  I still don’t do it.

Solution: I think this is a habit thing. I need motivation to get started. For some reason, the physical and mental health benefits of exercise are not leading me to action…but perhaps the vanity-motivation of having my clothes fit well may do the trick. Also, since my schedule is very erratic and I can’t do the same thing each day, I need to plan the exercise in prior to each week. I could also stand an accountability buddy. Any takers?

My new out-loud commitment to you all is this: I will exercise three times per week. Starting now. For real. I’m on it. So, if you see a lady jogging through the airport in comfortable clogs, that’s me.