Video Tour! Reuse & Recycle!

Oct 25, 2013

Meet Stephanie, a second year elementary school teacher in Washington, DC. Last week I had the privilege of spending time in her classroom.

One thing I marveled at was how much thought Stephanie put in to ensuring that her teaching materials could be re-used this year—and in all of her years to follow!

Talk about a time-saver!

Watch the video below to see Stephanie demo her flexible seating charts, adjustable reading groups, and reusable teaching anchors.

The time dedicated by Stephanie now will definitely pay her–and her students—back in the future.

PS If this kind of amateur-Maia-shot-this-video is helpful to you, please let me know in the comments section! I’m happy to make more! It’s fun to be in classrooms!

Discussion Questions: How do you make your teaching materials last for the long term?