WFH Sneak Peek: Behind the Shelves

Oct 15, 2020

We are used to it by now–working from home, teaching from home, parenting from home…. doing it ALL from home. I’ve worked from home for over a decade, but even I’ve had to modify my setup for this new era. As you can imagine, I’ve become particularly nosy about how other educators are setting up their systems, especially when there are so many challenges at play: space, human, and other.

Jen, a school leader in California, shares her situation with us. “We have an 1100 square foot duplex shared by five people, who are all working and schooling from home. This includes a four-year-old who started school last week and a fifth-grader who begins in September. There was no separate home office in my future.”

Jen, we can RELATE.

So, what did Jen do? She created a home CUBBY. Or a Together…Tube? Square? Something? Let’s look.

Jen’s Home Cubby

Jen said, “I use the IKEA piece to make a wall between my dining area and the corner where my desk is set up. I use the folding screen as a door. When the kids are working at the dining table, they can access their baskets from their side. I can access my baskets from my side.”

Sidenote: I FREAKING LOVE THAT IKEA EXPEDIT, NOW RENAMED KALLAX. I have at least seven of them in my own home!

Jen’s Cubby Shelves

Jen says:

“I love my home cubby. It actually has more storage than my cubicle at my regular office! Other than the occasional moments when I have to ask someone to stop clanging around in the kitchen when I’m presenting a workshop, it works for us!”

And of course, no home office set up is complete without some kind of inspiration board or wall.

Inside Jen’s Cubby Office

I really love the creativity and simplicity in Jen’s cute cubby.  Making lemonade, people. Making. Lemonade.