When You Just NEED a Wall Calendar

Oct 31, 2017

I love when my Together Workshoppers take their pre-work VERY seriously, and truly “bring” all calendars with them to trainings. Case in point: This recent photograph of the family wall calendar shared by Christine in Charlotte.  Check it out. . .

Compared to my simple Vis a Vis , Christine’s calendar is a work of art.

Christine told me that her family calendar is created monthly, and is meant to capture the “most important” items. This includes events like field trips, big school projects, doctors appointments, or a parent out of town. Christine keeps a lot of this in her school Outlook calendar, but her family also needs a communication tool.

As she put it, “As a busy family of four, this helps all of us know what is going on and keeps the guesswork and blame game out of our relationships. And I mean on all sides – between me and my husband, and also between the kids and me. It is also an accountability tool. I don’t know that we could function and run as smoothly without it!”

You certainly could do this digitally in Google, Cozi, or some other electronic calendar app, but there’s a pleasantness to the visual overview when it’s up on the wall and shared by all.

Reader Reflection: How does your household use a calendar?