Win a Free Copy of The Together Teacher 2.0: At the Printer!

Jun 6, 2021

Note: The contest is closed as of June 18, 2021.

After many fits and spurts (have you ever tried revising 80,000 words you wrote almost a decade ago?!?), I’m pleased to announce that The Together Teacher 2nd Edition is at the printer! I mean, is that an actual place?! I have no idea, but honestly, I’m just glad it’s done and soon-to-be in your hands!

The Together Teacher 2nd Edition

Here’s why:

1 ) We’ve got over thirty percent new content for you! Entire NEW chapters on planning routines, grading efficiencies, digital organization, and setting up your space. We also added some new Together Tours and Together Templates!

2) We got rid of the outdated stuff. References to Blackberries (cringe!), watching new episodes of The Office (double cringe!), and many apps that have since expired have rightfully gone on to 1st edition heaven. And, we updated the order of the chapters to reflect our own learnings after all these years of Together Trainings.

3) It has a pretty new cover! Did you know our 1st edition cover actually had a typo?!? Bonus points if you can find it! But I love our new one – it’s fresh and clean and error-free!

4) I was able to give official credit to two women who worked like mad behind the scenes. My long-time editor, Marin Smith, and my newer project manager, Maggie Sorby, are both listed as co-authors. I’m so proud of them, and I’m grateful for their support!

5) The reflection questions are MUCH more practical. We reviewed all of the written exercises and tried to workbook-ize as much as we could to make them more useful, accessible, and applicable!

CONTEST ALERT! Want a free copy of your own? Whether you’re a first-time reader or replacing a beloved dog-eared copy of the ten-year-old version, drop in the comments below your favorite Together Takeaway from the 1st edition.  Be sure to include your first name & last initial, grade level and/or subject area, and the email address where we can reach you if you win! We will select two winners using our random number generator on June 18th. (Contest is now closed!)

Contest fine print: US addresses only. If winners don’t respond within 48 hours,
another winner will be selected.