Workflowy, Part 2: The Teacher Version

Jan 28, 2015

Remember back when I was flirting with Workflowy? Molly’s simple system inspired the heck out of me. But Workflowy’s greatness is not limited to leadership roles. Charlotte, a new teacher in Boston, uses it as well. Here’s a quick shot of her elegant, yet simple, system:

What I love:

  • Contains both the professional (Work) and personal. Both matter!
  • Sub-categorizes the “Work” category into major buckets.
  • “Socialize with other humans” just made me giggle and sigh. The first year of teaching is so hard. I have no doubt that it will get easier for Charlotte and socializing will no longer need a spot on a to-do list, but right now it helps to keep it here as a reminder!

My favorite part of Workflowy is the ability to create your To-Do list in outline form – with nifty expanding and contracting buttons so it doesn’t appear overwhelming. This is a great way to capture it all, yet still focus on one task at a time!

P.S. Workflowy would also work well for Thought Catchers!