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September 17. 2014

Signage: Inspired by Airports and Hotels?!

I’m a sucker for clear, bold and simple signage. And I spend an extraordinary amount of time on planes and in hotels. I like to know where I’m going without having to squint at any small print, and I hate waiting without knowing why (surprise,…

September 9. 2014

Nine Tips for Delivering Together PD Sessions

This summer, I delivered a Together Teacher workshop in Houston for a group of almost 200 teachers. That’s a big room to manage! Right after, someone asked me about strategies I use to stay Together when working with large groups of adults. I…

September 3. 2014

How My Errands Can Apply to Your Classroom

Though right now I’m wrapping up my Seven-Week-17-City-Tour, when I’ve been back on the home front in the DC area, I’ve been trying to squeeze in both fun and errands. And of course, like that whole “hair adjustment” situation, I’m…