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November 25. 2014

Stevie Wonder and Strategic Multi-Tasking

I had a good weekend. Contrary to what you may believe, on the weekends, I have a strong aversion to lots of schedules, timelines, and plans. But like any person, I do have things I need to get done – both regular chores like boring errands as…

November 22. 2014

Checklists #3: Student Mastery and Student Stuff

Hey wait, did I forget to finish this series?! Yikes! Summer trainings got the best of me. I should have a checklist for my checklists. I would probably live my life in a checklist if I could. Just kidding! Sort of… In our Power of the…

November 20. 2014

Sharon’s Space Transformation

This summer in California’s Bay Area, I met Sharon, an incredible school leader. Her meeting agendas are amazing (more on that later!), she’s all about instruction, and she has a wicked sense of humor. Sharon, however, was plagued by one…