The Together Work-From-Home Teacher

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Are you struggling to teach-work-live-parent from home? The Covid-19 pandemic made teachers transition to distance learning overnight. The Together Work From Home Teacher is a quick-read e-book with practical methods of organization for the unique needs of teachers working from home. This e-book will help remote teachers:

  • Set up your space and stuff at home!
  • Design your vision of an Ideal (Pandemic) Week.
  • Create a flexible to-do list for the week
  • Pause to plan each week in advance
  • Figure out how to work and teach from home while living with others
  • Adapt our planning, grading, and online classroom routines
  • Stay connected with students, families and colleagues
  • Gain tips and tricks for maintaining motivation

Maia has dedicated her life to improving the lives of educators. She presents to sold-out audiences who leave with practical tools and systems to be more effective as teachers. Now, her insights and strategies have been adapted to the unique situation of teaching from home!