July Together Tips: Teammates, Try-Its & Traveling w/Teens

Jul 11, 2023

Mackworth (Fairy) Island, Maine

Dear Together Friends, Fans, and Family,

Our regular newsletter takes summer vacation in July (though you can still find me on Instagram on some #semiTogetherMom #bigblendedfamilyadventures with Dr. Together and Together Farmer and Together Tech Exec in our matching tie-dye bandanas – and check out my blog with tips for what I pack to keep my Together Teens occupied on our annual Maine pilgrimage!), but we wanted to remind you of a few Together resources ready for the taking! Whether you are relaxing or resetting, we have you covered.

  • Together Courses for Fall 2023 are filling fast! Come join us. One recent participant shared, “This class was genuinely so helpful and uplifting. I shared at the beginning of class that I was concerned about the sustainability of teaching, and whether or not I was going to make it. This session encouraged me and provided me with tools that I believe can and will make teaching feel less burdensome and more joyous.”
  • The Together Teammate. . . ! On the shelves in late August! Have you pre-ordered yet? If you are in a teammate role and have been meaning to sign up for a class…now is your moment! Pre-order a copy of the book by August 15, and you’ll receive $100 off the registration cost for the Oct/Nov 2023 online Together Teammate course! (Details below.)
  • In honor of the launch of The Together Teammate, I’m also doing a series of blog posts with deep dives into the Together Try-Its I highlight in the book. Take a look at the first one here and check back often this summer for the rest of the series!
  • Our November 2 Washington, DC Together Leader class (plus mocktails & cocktails with Maia after, I mean what could be more fun?!) is shaping up super-well. Come join us.

Other than that, The Together Team is busy prepping for a gazillion summer classes, and trying to find some routine amongst the camp schedule rotation! Here’s hoping YOUR summer is restful and fun!

See you in August!

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