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Recent Clients

Maia is amazing! We brought her in last year to lead her Together Professional and Together Leader sessions for members of our central office staff. As soon as the first session ended, word spread quickly: the session was ‘life-changing,’ ‘the best professional development I’ve ever had’-and ‘fun’ too, especially given that personal organization is a topic many of us typically think of as dry and peripheral. At this point Maia is inundated with requests for additional sessions, every one of which fills up quickly. Her preparation in advance of the sessions ensures that the content will be customized and applicable to the specific audience. During the sessions, she shares-with high energy and humor-a wide variety of real-life examples that support different styles for organizing thoughts, work, and deadlines. The tools she shares are eminently practical, and many of our staff members now walk around the office carrying their personalized versions of her “flexy” system. We have found Maia’s workshops to be tremendously helpful for central staff members at every level of the organization as well as for aspiring and current school leaders. Highly recommend.

Emily Weiss, Chief of Staff, Division of Academics, Performance, and Support, NYC Dept. of Education

The guidance Maia gave me and tools she provided me with really transformed the way in which I run weekly check-ins and ensure that I have time to devote to what matters most. Her support around Priority Planning helped me improve my strategic planning and project management skills. I now feel like I have an effective system to close the gap between daily to-do lists and annual goals. Truly life changing!

Kari Thomas, Head of Schools, YES College Prep

Maia led a 6-part webinar series on personal organization for the Fellows and Alumni of Education Pioneers. She consistently kept participants engaged and wanting more via a medium (the webinar) that is usually met with disinterest and simultaneous web-surfing. Participants walked away from each week’s session with a list of next steps they were excited to try out. Although I hopped on the calls to serve more as an observer, I found myself actively taking notes and trying out new “together” strategies at the end of each session. A weekly highlight for me was always the review of a few participants’ implementation of particular tools as they shared actual before and after calendars, weekly plans, etc. You may think you’re organized and working efficiently and effectively, but you’re not all the way “together” until you’ve had a chance to take part in one of Maia’s trainings!

Valerie Evans, Director of Curriculum and Training, Education Pioneers

Maia’s personal management systems and her work with our senior and middle leaders to customize these systems to their own personal styles has significantly improved the quality of their lives. They feel more organized and more productive, using practices learned from Maia’s workshops to steadily make progress towards their big goals while effectively handling the daily deluge of details.

Jay Altman, CEO of FirstLine Schools

Maia’s training armed our managers with practical tools and strategies that have made an immediate impact on the overall effectiveness of our organization. Her dynamic, personable, and humorous style engaged our team making her workshop not only highly effective but also highly enjoyable!

Scott Morgan, CEO of Education Pioneers

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Rookie Teachers

Your energy level was high. Super interactive and overall and most importantly it was extremely helpful! THANK YOU!

I honestly can’t explain how thankful I am. This really opened my eyes to actually being able to become organized.

[It was helpful] having so many examples to look at was absolutely wonderful. I loved talking through the examples and figuring out which types work best for me.

Maia is someone who was a teacher and understands what it’s like to be in constant “survival mode” and gives organizational strategies for every aspect of my job.

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Experienced Teachers

The principles I have learned this year from Together Teacher have helped me keep it all together in a really busy time. Since February, I have sold a condo, bought a house, moved, and started construction on the new house, all while working full time as a teacher/coordinator and teaching 2 nights a week in addition to my day job. By using my Comprehensive Calendar and my Upcoming To-Do list (I actually have it divided into 4 lists), I have been able to keep it all together! The Together Teacher principles can be applied to many areas of life. I am so grateful that The Together Teacher came into my life! Thank you for all you do to help us stay organized.

This could not have come at a better time for me! Aside from balancing my role as a classroom teacher, developing a new course and my leadership role, I’m just beginning to really plan the details for my summer 2013 destination wedding and reception! Over the last week I have been having SERIOUS breakdowns. I feel so much better after today’s session! Me and my fiancée thank you!

Thank you so much for the information. I have found the book to be very helpful and full of great techniques to stay afloat as a teacher. I have not finished it as of yet and I am beginning again because when I read it I follow your tips and I see the light. When I put it down due to time constraints 🙁 I fall into my same old patterns. Wish me luck this time and thank you for being a life saver for educators everywhere.

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Principals/ School Leaders

Thank you – this session particularly spoke to me. After teaching for four years and then jumping into a role where I manage 23 staff at the end of the day and have a number of competing priorities, I feel I can start to take back control over my time. Very informative and engaging!

The most helpful part of the workshop was seeing so many DIFFERENT examples & creating something based upon a conglomeration that will work best for me. The samples were helpful – there was a large variety…this helped me to pick & choose things that would work for me.

I loved this training and hoping to meet my goal of more time with my kids where I’m actually “present” not thinking about work or sneaking to do work like checking email.

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Central/ Home Office/ Nonprofit Managers

Integration of content delivery and work time. Workshop is action oriented and has not only helped me determine specific steps I want to take, but had built in time to start taking action (increasing the likelihood of execution)

The templates / resources are amazing. I am so motivated to assemble my very own trapper keeper!! I really loved seeing the examples & picking / customizing my own version. Very excited about this.

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Webinar Participants

I took one of your webinars about making the most of your prep time. It was a great webinar! I learned so much from you about how to organize my teaching and my life. Thanks for all you do!

While I consider myself to be a relatively “together” professional, I so appreciated the opportunity to sharpen the tools on my tool belt and feel confident about making some concrete additions to my systems that have greatly improved my productivity and clarity.

This webinar helped me completely change my working dynamic with my supervisor. As a team, we went from being frustratingly non-communicative to being supportive, collaborative, and with clearly communicated expectations

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