Together Leader Book Club: Approach #2

Jul 18, 2017

At the start of this new “academic” year, we are continuing to showcase examples of Together Leader Book Clubs that have cropped up and come to my attention. You can read about Hilary’s in-house approach here, but what about if you want to pull together a group of people NOT in your organization?

That’s exactly what Diana F., a school founder in Philly, recently did by using a private Facebook group to get people on board and keep them moving along.

Here’s how Diana got it done:

  1. Assemble a group of interested and like-minded folks. Diana opened up the group to her current and former colleagues. She even created a recruiting video on Facebook to share her plan! I would be so in! 
  1. Create a timeline. Diana created a Unit Plan with a clear timeline and homework assignments. She intentionally planned for a summer start, knowing this was when participants would have more flexibility with their time.


  1. Determine the best mechanism. Using a Facebook group created a lot of real-time chatter and commentary on each other’s work. People even uploaded samples to share! Here is an example of the Book Club’s awesome online collaboration:


  1. Stay consistent and connected. Thanks to Diana’s leadership and her many active participants, the Book Club continued answer reflection questions and comment on each other’s progress throughout the month. They also posted pictures to keep each other laughing!

Thanks, Diana and team, for showing us how to take a Togetherness Journey with cross-country colleagues! Let us know when you are hosting another Book Club!